We migrate from anything to Drupal

We're seasoned Drupal developers, with a solid knowledge of nodes, entities, and PHP. If you want your old website moved to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8, you may rest sure that when the time comes to launch, it will be as easy as running a script.

This is painstaking work, with emphasis on pain. Just hand us your source data and destination database and we'll architect the migration.

  1. In a hotsite for the World Health Organization, we've built a script to migrate a list of hundreds of data from a badly formated static HTML typed in Frontpage.

  2. We've once got migrated thousands records from an old MS SQL database, that was stored in a crumbling desktop app. We had to move the computer to our office and make sure it stayed on during the import.

  3. On 2010, we've migrated the website of Valor Econômico, a major Brazilian newspaper to Drupal, and with it hundred of thousands news from its former home-grown CMS to Drupal.

We migrate from anything

There are great ready-to-use tools to migrate from a basic Wordpress or Joomla website to Drupal. But what to do when the data is a complete mess?

What our clients think

I worked with Chuva for the UNESCO official website and I am really happy I had this possibility. Chuva has a great knowledge of Drupal and helped me solving some structural issues I was encountering in setting up an environment so complex as the UNESCO website one.

– Denis Pitzalis, UNESCO

Painless migrations, starting now

Migrations that just work

Even happier

clients :D

developers :)

With streamlined scripts and processes, we can reduce the overall cost of migrations.

With quick turnovers and high-quality migrations, your clients will be very glad with your project!

Save money on top of everything!

Let your team just build the best Drupal site possible, and let us handle the content migrations.

Don't do migrations in-house. Let your team focus on delivering the best product possible and let us handle the minutia of moving data from here to there.

Drupal experts, migration experts.

Get the best service at a fair price.

Excellent efficient service.

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